Sunday, 1 April 2012

My First Poem

Milly mentioned that she wrote a poem.
So here is the world premiere of "The Poem":

There was a young girl called Milly
Who went up a hill called Killy
She got to the top, thew up in her cup
and came back down in a jiffy

Okay. What do you think?
How BAD was that? 
Even the girls thought it was pretty TERRIBLE!

The girls laughed so much that
Lou The Ladybird fell onto her back,
Flick The Dragonfly turned pink,
And poor Gigi The Snail turned blue!

I don't think Milly will be giving Shakespeare a run for his money anytime soon!

So I asked Milly:
"What was going through your mind when you wrote "The Poem"?

Uhm, Milly I think you need to go back to basics.
Don't forget all of those tips and techniques you learnt at school all those years ago.
Well, perhaps you should sit down and think of the all that first, and then try and write whatever is in your mind. Just please don't try and write a rhyming poem for our sakes!
So, let's see what Milly's next attempt is like and pray that it's better than "The Poem!"

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