About Me - Post Bed Mate Years

This Blog is My Therapy to myself,  post my Breakup with Prince Charming.
After 4 years of togetherness, we are no more.

As I recover from The Bed Mate Years, my time with Prince Charming, and move into the hazy world of singleton, I plan to blog every day. Well that is until:
  1. I have recovered from The Breakup
  2. Found Prince Charming Version 2
Whilst fending off that beastly syndrome commonly referred as The All By Myself Syndrome.

If I never meet Prince Charming Version 2, well I will be blogging for a very long time!

So, as we started with Milly, my alter-ego, let's continue with her.

For those who have been following the blog thus far, thank you so much. 
I hope you will continue to follow me under this new direction. I still plan to follow my dreams and will keep you up to date as and when I have something concrete to tell you.

For those who have never followed my blog, when I originally started this back in March 2012, this was about "my journey" from accountant to superstar children's author / toy maker (I sound like a self-help book don't I..."my journey"?!) If you would like to read these earlier entries please do so and enjoy.

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