Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Ask Milly

Hello lovely peeps, just a couple of updates from Milly:

Contact & Ask Milly:
Milly would love to to get to know you better.
So why not contact Milly - (Details on Contacts Page)

Ask Milly:
Milly and the rest of the gang have amassed lots of pearls of wisdom over the years, and they would love to share their collective pearls of wisdom with you.

So as an additional treat, Milly & Friends will be holding 
Sessions - Just think of it as an Agony Aunt.
So whatever your problem, however big or small let Milly and friends help you out

Case Study - Prince Charming's bushy eyebrows
Whenever Prince Charming visits his hairdresser, Mrs Blow Dry & Cut wants to thread his eyebrows!
Now Prince Charming being the lovely chap he is, politely says NO but he doesn't want to keep having the same conversation every time he visits Mrs Blow Dry & Cut

Milly & Friends advised him as follows

You have a number of options.
You can say....that is very thoughtful of you but
  • I am the reigning world record breaker of the hairiest, unkempt eyebrows

  • Mr Bunny Rabbit died and so I am very upset so please just cut my hair - I don't want to talk about it

  • I am a man, and therefore I have a very low pain threshold

  • Milly loves my eyebrows, that is why she is dating me
  • I am losing my hair, so let me be happy with the hair I have on my eyebrows
  • Are you insinuating there is something wrong with my eyebrows? Don't be so bushiest


So if you are would like advice from Milly & Co on any problem, why not contact them 

Page updates:
Milly has updated the Whose Whose, and added a Contacts page.
Please take a look as she thinks you will enjoy the new look and the fun content!

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