Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter Holidays - Food Babies & Kicks

Milly and Prince Charming are back from their Easter break.
France and Jersey were so much fun.
They visited castles, museums, and ate lots of lovely food and chocolate
(too many judging by the size of Milly's tummy!)

Maybe I should have stopped after the 3 crepes....

The only real downside to the holiday was that poor Prince Charming was not used to sleeping in his bed and so
  • On the first night karate chopped Milly in the bum

  • On the second night took all of the duvet leaving poor Milly shivering
I'm so cold thought Milly to herself..

  • On the third and final night, snored as loudly as a horse much to Milly’s dismay

So Milly is very happy to be back, as she now will be able to get a good night’s snooze.

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