Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Happy Cloud

Milly has been very busy.
She has lots to update you about.

Milly's Vision Board
Milly has put together a vision board. 
This will help Milly focus on what it is she wants to do, as well as act as a motivational tool.

Milly got the idea from the book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. Whenever, Milly feels BLUE she reads The Secret, and she suddenly feels motivated again.

Get Fit / Being Healthy
Milly has decided to tackle her injury head on by focusing on exercises to build her bum muscles.

Abs and Bum workout
The gym instructor worked Milly VERY HARD!

Remember Milly no pain no gain!

Hot Yoga 
Milly went to a hot yoga class and sweated out all her toxins whilst working her bum and abs.
It was so much fun but not for the people who nearly fainted as she walked past them in the street!

Always great for her bum cheeks
BUT we have to RESTATE the world record for the silliest front crawl.

Visit to The Physio
Fingers crossed she won't need to see her physio for much longer - It's costing her a small ££££££
And yes, before you ask, Milly's hairs have grown even longer on her legs, so Mr Physio's reaction will be the same as last time!

A section of Milly's hairy leg
Physio's reaction on seeing Milly's leg

Learn to Sew Make Clothes / Nick Nacks
The stork delivered Magic Bertha!

As with any proud new parent, Milly LOVES Magic Bertha.
She's the best sewing machine in the world.
So Milly would like you to introduce you to a new member of her family!

Bertha comes from the famous Bernina sewing machine family, and so has generations of experience to draw upon. Although, she's not pink, like Big G she gives the OO in the COOL!

First Order:
Milly's also managed to bag herself her first order (non-paying).

Shrekkie doesn't know it yet but Milly plans to test out her baby clothes on him - That is for size!

Learn to Draw & Write Write a book

Suggested Flick The Dragon Fly

Milly was reluctant to do so at first because she wasn't sure how to start.
I think Milly was scared...

She decided that she needed to focus on her vision, and just get on and try writing a book.
So she did, and managed to draft her first story! 
Well done Milly.
Now make sure you remain focused and finish the edits before sharing it with your friends for their feedback.

Learn to Budget
As Milly mentioned, she needs to get a grip on her £££££ if she wants to have a hope in running a real business.
So she has decided that she needs to make some tough choices.

So the first thing she did was to cancel her monthly facial (I KNOW), she's used the money to pay for her yoga course.

P.S. If you are interested in any of the sports / yoga, make sure you check the discount sites on learn to budget page to see what deals are on offer. You can save yourself lots of ££££££

Have Fun:
Milly makes sure she always does!

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