Sunday, 29 April 2012

Shrekkie's New Look Unveiled Plus Lot of Laziness

In "Still on Happy Cloud" Milly mentioned the dress that she was designing for her muse Shrekkie.

Well after a week of Cutting, Sewing, Tucking, & Alterations, are you ready for the big unveil?

Let me remind you of Shrekkie before the make-over

Now, drum roll please........
Introducing this season's must have outfit, and part of Milly's pre-fall 2012 collection the alternative shabby chic look
Presenting Shrekkie's new dress....

What do you think?
Okay, admittedly he does look like a choir boy,  all he's missing is a halo and a hymn book (and Milly isn't going to win any design awards anytime soon)

But he looks really cute doesn't he?!

For someone who couldn't even sew, let alone dream of creating a kiddies dress, it's not bad  for a first creation is it?!
Nobody tells you how difficult it is to make clothes
It's quite a complex process

It took Milly over an hour to work out how to cut the pattern and clothes.
You see no one explains the simple stuff.

One hour later.....

After lots of mistakes, Milly managed to work it out!

Then after all of that she had to sew the dress together!

  • Working out how to put the two pieces together so they weren't higgeldy piggeldy
  • Putting in reinforcements around the neck
  • Lining up the dress so it didn't look like a shapeless sack

But she enjoyed it, especially as it meant she got to sew with Magic Bertha!

So let's see how Milly's pre-fall 2012 collection develops.

Learning to Budget:
Well Milly has put together her budget for the month

Asked her Fairy God Father Big G 

(You see he spent so much buying a pair of D&G sun glasses that he is in desperate need to budget this month! - The sunnies do look great though)

Okay, wait for Milly to share her magical pretty spread-sheet with you soon
Although, I am not sure if Big G will want Milly's budgeting advice after hearing her disastrous negotiation pitch....

.....Milly and Prince Charming were looking at a new home, Milly was so excited and happy about the flat that her dipsy button was switched on to the max
Milly's dipsiness levels were so high that they had triggered the red alert button.
Prince Charming should have picked up on the signals ...

  • Gibberish spouting from Milly
  • Milly;s glazed and mute expression
  • Milly's sudden deafness to all reason

Milly torpedoed Prince Charming's negotiation strategy by stating, in front of Mr Estate Agent, that she thought the flat was undervalued, so they should offer the asking price!
Poor Prince Charming he didn't know whether to cry or laugh

Lots of Laziness
Milly has had a very lazy weekend, she has put her feet up and

She's been so rushed off her feet lately trying to balance

That she's been in desperate need of a good CUP of Laziness

So as 

She switched off her go-go button, and relaxed!

Meaning Milly is now ready for the week ahead!

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