Thursday, 12 April 2012

News Update: Food Babies and Hairy Moment

Quest Get Fit

Food Babies
Milly is still porky from her food baby.

Perhaps the two hummingbird cakes didn’t help...


Oops off to swimming Milly, and pronto. 
You don't want those food babies to multiply!

London Marathon
Boo Hoo -I have some SAD news to break to you all.
Milly has had to pull out of the London marathon, as her injury hasn’t cleared up.
Milly realised that sometimes

Poor Milly was SAD and did BOO HOO at first but Big G cheered her up by reminding her of all the cool things she had accomplished.
She can’t wait until she can run again!

And imagine how many doughnuts and cakes she can devour - Just watch out for those food babies!

Coastal Traversing Update
What happend?
Did Milly do it?

So due to bad weather Milly and Prince Charming didn't
Milly has added this to her to do list, so don't you worry when she does it you will be the first to know!

Recovery - Hairy moment with Physio
Milly went to see the physio and nearly died of shame.
You see, Milly hasn’t waxed her legs for nearly 5 weeks, and her next appointment with Madame Wax is not until next Tuesday! Whoops!

So, imagine the physio's face when he saw the forest of hair which had sprouted over her lovely long legs…….. 

Section of Forest of Hair

Poor man didn't know what hit him...

Milly wondered.... 

Quest: Have Fun
Tweet a woooooooooo
Milly did her first tweet today!

I wonder if Twitter realise what they have unleashed....

So although Milly has had some BAD news, and has reasons to Boo Hoo there is always something to celebrate!

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