Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Still on Happy Cloud

Milly is still on her Happy Cloud.

Milly's finding that her vision board is helping her to stay focused and motivated.

She's got an extra spring in her step, and oodles of

In fact to Milly's surprise she is more productive at WORK.
Milly's managed to break the whole "ball and chain" cycle, and actually feels in control...for once!

Get Fit / Being Healthy

Hot Yoga 
Milly has managed 3 classes so far this week!
It's still too early to say if she will make the 30 DAY challenge BUT one thing for certain is that the cloud of pong still follows Milly after class

Pong following Milly down a trendy London street

PS Milly is planning to write more on hot yoga for the newbies to this "sport" in her next post.

Milly would like to squeeze in more swimming practice

Visit to The Physio
Milly has finally had her legs waxed from Madam Wax.
No more impersonating a Gorilla - Mr Physio will be very happy

Milly's "fuzz free" leg

Now that's what I call a Happy Chappy

Learn to Sew Make Clothes / Nick Nacks
Milly's started to build up her kit of sewing essentials:
She found this great shop, William Gee on Kingsland Road Dalston, which is uber cheap!
Bless the poor man who was serving her for being so patient with her.....

Milly's list of sewing essentials:

    • Tailors chalk: 
      • Replaces the biro which she was using to mark her material
      • Very cute - She bought one each in pink and white 

    • Needles for hand sewing:
      • Unfortunately she can't use Bertha to sew back buttons or hem her trousers (yet)
    • Measuring tape with metal thing at the top: 
      • The man in the shop mentioned people use the metal thing for something, if Milly can't work out how to use it she will pretend!
    • 2 metres of cloth 
      • Milly uses calico cloth which is cheap and the easy to use for newbies like her
    • Energy supplies
      • Love Haribo
       Sainsburys had a special offer on !
    • Zips
      • Hidden zip and normal one - She plans to practice sewing them together this weekend (zips to the cloth that is)
    She can't wait to make a dress for Shrekkie - Perhaps she can give it a go this weekend (don't forget to buy the dress pattern!)

    Shrekkie before his "make-over"

    Learn to Draw & Write Write a book
    Milly is still editing the first draft of her book, once she has completed the story she will move on to the drawings.
    Milly's in two minds about the drawing side

    Watch this space...

    Learn to Budget
    Milly is really trying to embrace the whole budget idea given she is serious about leaving her job.
    She's found an approach that works for her - Focusing on what she's going to do with the £££ she saves

    Meant she was able to BUY Bertha!

    Have Fun:
    As always, Milly is having fun!

    Until next time, sending you some magic sparkles.

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