Sunday, 1 April 2012

Unintentional Budgeting

So Milly was planning a relaxing weekend, doing
Nothing, NADA, Zippadeeo

Her Quests on hold. What did she do?
Well she did plenty of

The one activity which requires ZERO energy and effort, as well as being FREE - So Milly managed to budget without realising it. How COOL is that?

Quest Task: Get Fit
As we know, Milly's running is on hold at the moment. So she was looking for an alternative to running to keep herself fit, and so..
Milly went dancing on Friday night. 
She loves a good boogey, and boy did she have fun! Milly was busting her moves...

But the budget was well and truly blown after the unintended night out.

She missed her swimming lesson last week because of "W" - WORK, and didn't do anything over the weekend. So from tomorrow Milly will be training as hard as any Olympian....
She has 5 days to learn how to swim for the coastal traversing activity for next weekend. Fingers crossed she can make it!

Milly in her lovely swimming "outfit"

Bouldering (climbing without ropes)
Milly and Prince Charming went to an indoor rock climbing place yesterday.
Unfortunately as soon as Milly got to the top of the first climbing wall, she realised she couldn't jump down because of her leg.....So she had to give the rest of the class a miss. But it did look lots of fun and even Milly with her little muscles can do this!
Milly also had a genius idea:

Quest Task: Learn to Draw & Write
Okay we read the poem, it was BAD but Milly will go away and come back with something better - Here's hoping!

Quest Task: Learn to Sew
Designer collection:
The Big G will help Milly scan her designs, so watch this space.

Sewing machine:

Milly's courses start at the end of the month which means she needs to buy a sewing machine. She can't wait to buy one!

Let's see how she does on this one....

Quest Task: Learn to Budget
Unintentional Budgetor
Although this is on hold, Milly unintentionally budgeted!
She found a good trick at the hairdressers, and she saved £6!

It would have been more if she hadn't decided to splash out on a really nice shampoo and conditioner whilst she was there - Don't forget Milly is a shopaholic! 

Quest Task: Have Fun
  • Plan for the week ahead
    • Rest and relaxation over and Quests are back on!
  • Plan for today
    • Chores - I wonder where Prince Charming got to?

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