Friday, 6 April 2012

New Discoveries.....

So how is Milly doing with her Splish Splashing?
Has she managed to break any more world records?
How is the unintentional budgeting going?
Have you bought a sewing machine yet?

Quest Task: Get Fit 
Since we last spoke, Milly broke her own world record and swam 24 metres without a floater or her flippers on Tuesday! 
Wow, her strawberry milkshake approach to splish splashing is working.

Coastal traversing here we come (but I would recommend you still wear a life jacket ….just to be on the safe side)

So all was going well, until tragedy struck on Wednesday.....

Milly hurt herself during Pilates!!! 
I know who does that?!
Not only did she injure her already bad leg further but she also managed to hurt her bum.  
Milly also discovered she has muscles in her bum! What a shock it was for her.
Thank goodness Gigi The Snail was on hand to explain things.

What a peculiar discovery.
Milly couldn't believe it - I mean whenever she's squeezed her bum all she could feel was the layer of flab....

Milly asked GiGi The Snail

What she discovered was earth shattering!

Gigi explained that as a child, Milly used to bum shuffle, and so her muscles had to work really hard everyday.
When Milly learnt to walk she forgot about her bum muscles, and they just went to sleep for a very long time.

So in permanent hibernation they slept, and cozied up in a nice warm comfy bed.....
Look at the sneaky bum muscles snoozing in bed

Imagine their shock and horror when those lazy muscles were kicked into action from Pilates! 
So distraught, and shocked at Milly’s cruelty and treachery at making them work, the muscles went on strike!

So poor Milly could hardly walk today because her bum muscles were on strike!

But she won’t give up, she may have lost this battle, but she plans to win the war of the BOTTOM.

Little do they know (and please keep this to yourselves as we don't want to alert them) that Milly and Big G plan on exercising them later today.
They won't know what hit them!

Learn to Budget:
Unintentional budgetor
Her unintentional budgeting is still working. Milly managed to save 20p at the local kebab shop!
They must have realised that Milly had snuck out on a covert operation (Prince Charming disapproves of her taste for chicken wings!) They do love her in the kebab shop, so much so that she is the only customer who can leave them an IOU!

Learn to Sew:
Sewing Machine
Milly is super excited. 
The stork is delivering her baby, Magic Bertha.

Due Date 10th April

Magic Bertha is the coolest and prettiest sewing machine ever, and has all of these cool gadgets,
She is sure to make the prettiest things with Bertha at her side!

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