Monday, 2 April 2012

Announcing The World Record Breaker

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and Big G, STOP THE PRESS, for today Milly did some sports.

Quest Task: Get Fit 
Swimming World Record
Announcing the new world record breaker, of the funniest front crawl in the world......Milly!

How did Milly do it?
Well, despite

  • Gargling &
  • Drinking half of the contents of the pool 
Milly decided to embrace her nemesis. To be at one with Splish Splash

No more scary Splish Splash.
If she can now try to swim an extra 5 metres tomorrow, and on Wednesday, then by her next swimming lesson she would have hit her goal. 
Go Milly. Go!

Cycling & Cross Trainer
Milly cycled today for a whole 10 minutes on a a stationary gym bicycle, and did 5 minutes on something called the cross trainer.
How was it?
Well, good news was Milly's leg was okay after the exercise but, poor Milly

It could have been

What happened?
The Treadmill tried to trick Milly into falling over....

Milly clung on for dear life, as she nearly fell off the treadmill twice!
Why oh why had she listened to Prince Charming, and selected Quick Start!!!!
But Milly managed to outwit the Treadmill, as she clung on to his side arms, and refused to let go.
What a relief!
Milly as you have gathered by now isn't great with machinery....

Indeed, one time whilst quad biking (the one and only time might I add), she fell off the bike and it landed on top of her. What a fright poor Milly got!

Milly thought 

At least for people like her!

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