Monday, 30 April 2012

Milly Goes Potty....

In Milly's last post she mentioned that her and Prince Charming viewed a flat.
Unfortunately, Prince Charming wasn't keen on the place but Milly was in ....

So what does Milly do?

Do you remember the dipsy barometer?
It's hit red alert again but this time it's about to blow!!!

How does she plan to do it?
Well she's planning to sell her uber cool loft apartment, and try and find the extra £££

How is she going to find the extra ££££?

Milly's hoping and praying 
Let there be money, and let it shine on me!

OR She finds....

And if you can think of any other money making schemes do let Milly know
(PS We all know that Milly has lost the plot, she does make us laugh!)

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