Sunday, 22 April 2012

I've got my Yin and Yang, so How about some HOT YOGA

Get Fit/ Being Healthy:

6 classes completed in 6 days:

As mentioned in her last post, here are Milly's insights on hot yoga:

The Basics:

  • 26 postures - Repeated Twice
Okay one down another 25 to go!
  • Plus 2 breathing exercises
Breathing sounds so obvious doesn't it?

  • Hot room
Am I in the Bahamas?

  • Lasting 90 minutes
Can I have 90  minutes on the clock please




Bums & Tums


No more bad stuff prowling inside my body
And Cellulite and varicose veins (so they say!)
  • Breathing
  • Stretching
  • Pulling

Doesn't sound too bad, does it?

WHO - does it?
Anyone and everyone, there isn't a type!


Although Milly does find it difficult at times, she is noticing the results!

Below is a list of Milly's Key Tips & Insights

#1: Mascara we love but NOT down the face

Don't forget to remove your makeup (unless you are going for the distressed woman who has been crying for hours look!)
Plus it blocks your pores, and so is a feeding ground for zits!

#2: Clothing
It's called hot yoga so make sure you wear as little as possible
Milly wears an old pair of shorts and t-shirt 

#3: Just sit down
You will feel dizzy and sick, if so just sit down and BREATHE.
Think of it as a good sign, you are vanquishing those dastardly TOXINS.

#4: Drink plenty of water
Drink 2-3 litres of water before class
It's a great excuse for hydrating that skin - think silky smooth skin

#5: Take your own towel and water
Milly has saved £3.00 per visit because of this (£24 in total).
Over the 30 day challenge that would be a savings of £90!

#6: Good teacher
Try out different teachers.
Milly likes the funny teacher the best.  
Thanks to him she discovered that if you breathe through your nose you don't breath in farts or bugs!

#7: Alternative to a dating website

Everyone is crammed in uber close, so you get to know your neighbour.
Imagine you don't need to bother getting dolled up if you meet your true love down at hot yoga

#8: Don't forget to smile
There are times Milly would rather not smile but she has found when she smiles forgets about the aches and pains.

Warning - The things you should watch out for:

#9: Pong

Forget smelling of roses or in Milly's case Coco Chanel, you will smell like a pair of rotten socks!

#10: Communal showers (Yikes!)
Milly is distraught at the mention of communal showers:
1) It reminds her of school - She use to make wet footprints on the floor, so that her gym teacher would think she had had a shower!

2) Milly is prudish and doesn't want someone else to see her in her birthday suit
3) Milly never knows where to look Thankfully, Milly lives very close to the studio, and so trots home, wafting her lovely pong over the poor people she passes!

So armed with these insights, Milly hopes you do give it ago. ENJOY!
PS. Don't forget to check the discount websites for a deal ("Learn to budget" page) or check with the studio if they have special trial offers

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