Thursday, 29 March 2012

Introducing The Fairy God Father - "The Big G"

Fairy dust in hand, and lots of magical sparkle, may I introduce you all to Milly's Fairy God Father - The Big G!

Hey Dudes!

Now, the Big G is sooooooooo COOL that he put the OO in the COOL
And with his fairy dust in hand, Milly is hoping he can work his magic by fixing all the technical stuff.
As we know, Milly is fairly useless at all of this computer stuff, so much so, that she managed to add the "Author" as a follower!

So, Big G has spread lots of fairy dust which should mean that you can now follow Milly on email!

But do let Milly know, if anything looks strange, and she'll get Big G to sprinkle some more fairy dust and magic, failing that she'll give him a kick up the bum!

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