Sunday, 15 April 2012

Milly's Big Idea

Milly is finding it difficult to focus on all of the things she wants to do.

She's finding that her quests lack clear direction.
As a result her planning has taken a scatter gun approach.

At this crucial point, her Fairy God Father Big G stepped and asked her:

So Milly sat down and reminded herself of her one goal.

Milly realised she loved the way kids viewed the world
- The lens they viewed life with was fantastic.

  • Positive
  • Magical
  • Anything is possible attitude

Kids are full of so much 

Milly began to smile and glow when she thought of her own nieces and nephews.

The glow that she felt inside was so bright that she nearly burst!
It was the same glow that she had had earlier this week, when she was singing nursery rhymes on her way to work to her little niece LuLu.

Milly knew what she wanted to do in a flash

With this new focus, the seeds have been planted and so Milly is starting to look at

  • Books she can write for young kids 
  • Using her sewing ideas to make things for kids, and their lovely mummies and daddies
  • How to develop her get fit quest to keep kids, their mummies and daddies fit and healthy
  • How to share serious money saving tips with mummies and daddies
And if she is serious of making this into a real business, Milly needs to learn to budget. 

P.S. This post will be copied to separate page so Milly never loses sight of what she is aiming to achieve.

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