Saturday, 5 May 2012

Potties to Bed....

We've heard no squeak, murmur or buzz from Milly lately
She's been missing in action for some time now...
So what's been going on?

Well in Milly's last post (Milly goes Potty), Milly had fallen in

So what's the latest on this grand scheme?
And more importantly how does this impact Milly's dream of setting up a kids brand, and her quests?

Remember this?
Milly's vision board?

Well.....It went out the window!
Milly lost her focus
Milly was blinded by an obsession to buy the apartment!

How Has This Impacted Milly's Quests?

#1) Getting Fit

Milly didn't go for 4 whole days!
So much for the 30 day challenge

#2) NO further work on her pre 2012 alternative shabby chic collection
Milly even rescheduled her sewing course from last weekend to September
So, poor Magic Bertha, hasn't had a look in for nearly a week!

And poor Shrekkie is still stuck in the choir boy dress!
This is not great if you are trying to be the next Fashionista!
I mean wearing the same outfit for
more than a day is a
fashion NO NO, let alone for nearly a week!
Poor Shrekkie, has had to lie low, and hopes no one would have noticed his fashion faux pas

#3) NO further work on her children's book

#4) Balancing of work
Milly has found that she has struggled to stay focused at 

So as you can imagine, this left Milly very confused, and frustrated 

So what did Milly do ? 
(Forgive the war and peace epic below but it needs to be said!)

Milly's thought process:

#1 The Importance of Being Earnest Budget
Milly knew that if she wanted to buy the new apartment she would have to budget even harder (as she would be borrowing ALOT MORE £££££)

#2 Does this make financial sense?
For the first time in Milly's life, she sat down and analysed this from a purely financial perspective

I know, I am about to cry she is learning!!

I won't bore you with the details but she looked at two basic options:

  • Keep the existing flat and don't buy new flat - Money made / saved
  • Sell flat, and buy new flat - Cost to buy vs long-term gain.
After doing the uber cool financial analysis, Milly realised that

With this knowledge in hand, her obsession evaporated!

Milly realises she needs to stay focused on her dream, and vision board and cannot afford anymore distractions!

So to avoid any such future mishaps, she has decided to prioritize her activities, and give herself deadlines for completion

#1 Priority: 
  • Finish writing and drawing Book: Deadline end of May
  • Feedback: Identify sources - Deadline end June
  • Publication of book: Research, costings etc - Deadline end of June

#2 Priority - Activities to be broken down further

  • Alternative products: Research, identify suppliers, costings, market research - After June
  • Marketing: Blog, twitter  on-going - PR company? 

#3 Priority: 

  • Learning to sew, and getting fit: On-going but this needs to take a back seat to 1&2
  • Immediate activity: Complete hot yoga 30 days of yoga in 30 days (2 classes done yesterday, need to do 2 classes each day, for the next 3 days to catch up) - Deadline for completion 15th May

So dear peeps, Milly is back on track.
Sorry she has been off to charts lately but she promises you she will try her hardest to stay focused!

Wishing you oodles of magic sparkles


  1. I love Shrekkie's look! He looks so hilarious! I cannot wait to see what else is in his wardrobe. I won't be taking any fashion advice just yet.

    Lots of Love Ruby x

  2. Oops Shrekkie is meant to look like a fashionista, let's keep this comment between ourselves as we don't want to upset him. M x