Sunday, 8 July 2012

Day 1: No More Bed Mate

Today is D-Day, the day that Prince Charming moves out.
Yikes how did we even get here, I don't even know.
Everything was going so well, and then these past few months have been a bit of a struggle for me.

The bubbling frustration with what I want to do with my life, Prince Charming working long hours again, and us not spending fun times together have taken their toll.

I've been in a ghastly mood of late, where has the positive breezy fun me gone to?! The giggles, and laughs?

So strange that two people can be in love and yet still find themselves breaking up or am I just thinking these things because I'm scared of being by myself after all this time?!

4 years....Yikes (I need to come up with a better word that yikes).

Longest I have ever properly dated someone was 3 months (the other doesn't count as it more off than on...)
Drat, drat, and double drat.

Help Prince Charming move in.
We come back to the flat and chat
Have dinner

Thank goodness I am going out tonight with the girls later.

Get ready, and make sure I put on my smile and happy face.
Yes no point mulling about it.
Perhaps I can fool myself that it doesn't matter, and I'm super happy?
I do hope so.

The girls are the best.
They are making me laugh with their internet dating stories.
Still can't believe someone wanted phone sex? Why didn't he just pay for it?
Note to self, avoid internet dating - Not for me.

The wine is going down a treat, so much for my attempt at being teetotal.
Deep down I know that drowning my sorrows never does work.
All I will end up with is a really sore head tomorrow but at least it helps me to forget.

When I get back I nearly burst into tears.
Prince Charming has made the bed, and left the bedroom so neat and tidy.
Wow I am impressed, he was never this great at tidying up when he was living here.....

Dawns on me how much space there is in the bed.
I'm being swallowed up by the space.
It's a horrible sensation.
I'd rather be squashed up any day then this.........

Peak inside the double wardrobe, all I can see are rows and rows of naked coat hangers.
My clothes look so sad hanging there by themselves.
Go wash my face but there's even too much space left now inside the bathroom closet.

Let's go to bed tomorrow will be a better day.

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