Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Day 11: Looking Glass

Ready to sleep.
Will tonight be the night?
Will I manage to sleep for more than 2 hours?

Decide to break a habit.
Recall reading somewhere - If you want to change a behaviour you need to break the habit.

Sleep on the other side of the bed - Prince Charming's old spot.
Put Shrekkie to sleep on my pillow.

Stretch out.
Super yawn.
Star shape made.

Jackpot hit. 
Fall asleep.
Manage 6 hours!

Still late for work.
Blame it on overexercised bum cheeks.

At work, hear the sweetest thing.
Work colleague (50+, divorcee, 2 kids) confesses he has something very important to tell me.

Hold breathe in anticipation.
Has he won the lottery?

He has been dating someone for over a week.

Bless him.
His face is lit up with happiness and loveliness.
50+ has made my day!

Keep busy.
Realise this tactic stops me from thinking about Prince Charming.

I am an Ostrich.
Stick my head in the sand. 
Don't like to procrastinate

Squeeze in gym session.
Jumping up and down on a mini-trampoline.
No sense of coordination, as I see my arms and legs fly everywhere.
Bang goes my superstar singing career.
Singing to Wiggle Wiggle LMFAP - Sexy and I Know It

Have a team bonding session at work.
Not the 50 shades type,
More a few drinks down pub type.

One of my team had just split up with her other half.
She's getting quite emotional (understatement) and very tipsy (scarily like single white female scary).
It's not even 6pm.
She's behaving like a TIT.

I look over at her.
She must be so unhappy if she is behaving like this.
Drinking doesn't help - It just muddies the waters.

Ask myself - Have I been here?
View myself through the looking glass.
Do I want to return to this spot?
I am 30+ and need to find a more constructive way of dealing with SHIT.

Need to be grateful for things in my life.
Acknowledge that I am devastated that Prince Charming and I have split up but need to move on.
It's no excuse for Imploding.

Back home now.
Receive text from Prince Charming 
"Would be good to meet this week for dinner".

Bad idea.
Will catch up after my holidays. 

Decide to focus on learning to cook for the rest of the evening.

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