Sunday, 8 July 2012

Day 3: Bottomless Pit

Don't sleep a wink.
Really struggling to sleep at night.
So strange as I never usually struggle to sleep.
Prince Charming jokes that I can sleep anywhere and everywhere if I want to.
He is so envious of my sleeping skills.

Ah yes, no more Prince Charming.

Flat looks a mess.
Try to clean but don't get far - Just move books from one spot to another, and then tidy the post.
The place is starting to smell. A mix of of stale alcohol, negative moods causing this smell.

To top if all off my period has started.
When it rains it pours as they say.

D on't bother with the positive affirmation chants today.
I want to wallow in my self pity.

Back from work.

Wallowing in sorrow.
PJs on, glasses on.
Order a pizza and chicken wings.

Start to read tabloid press online.
Have taken an unhealthy interest in Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise split. 
I know I suck! 
Where is the inner strength. 
My "inner goddess" - wasn't that the term that kept cropping up in 50 Shades of Naff?

Prince Charming texts to see if I want dinner.
Invite him around as I have spare food left over in fridge. 
Little voice in my head says don't - This is not normal. Of course I know it's not normal but want to hold on to some semblance of normality for a bit longer.

We chat, and laugh.
I miss this.
Oh dear....

He leaves.
I start to read tabloid stories again.
My life is officially SAD! Is this what people do usually?

Not looking forward to bed so I put on a face mask.

Really need sleep tonight.
Fingers crossed I get some.

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