Monday, 9 July 2012

Day 10: I Will Survive.

Past 12am and I am wide awake no sign of the sleep police.

Resort to watching documentary with Jeremy Irons on Shakespeare
Am impressed by my choice.

1 hour later......
Still wide awake
What to do?

Face mask is out - Already covered that this week
Need to stay away from the Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise obsession

Pick up book "Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend by Matthew Green.
Book is actually a good read.
Step up from the tabloids.

Put book down at 2am.
Need to sleep now.
Have work tomorrow

Spread out and cuddle up to Shrekkie

Okay, sleep.
Where are you?
Come on, I'm ready for you now.
Is anyone there?

Okay, looks like no beddy byes for me just yet
Tummy is rumbling.
Have a little snack.

Start reading the book again.
Crikey, I check the time and it's past 3.30

Let's try sleeping again

Keep hearing funny noises
I swear I can hear the floorboards creak
Was that the door handle?!
What if it's the Boogeyman?

I am really losing the plot 

Calm down no one is coming into the flat.
Remind myself I live in a complex with 24 hour porterage.

Force myself to think happy thoughts
Don't want to attract dead spirits into the flat - That's all I need.

Finally nod off at 5am.

I am so late for work
It's past 8, and I need to get a move on.

So tired.
I want my bed.
Chant positive affirmations - Including the "I am full of energy" one.
Please let it work.

Trowel on the make-up.
Remind myself to put on my smile and happy face.

Arrive at work.
I am Late

My to do list:
  • Not to fall asleep at my desk
  • Go to the gym
  • Book the sewing class for August

I am trying to focus on the small stuff only.

Am drinking copious amounts of green tea to keep me awake.
Have a sudden thought.
What if I end up falling asleep and I end up dribbling?!
Enough, already.

Catch up with Friend Y for lunch
We chat about my "situation"

Have an epiphany
I am surviving on a couple of hours of sleep but still motoring on
This is what it must be like for mums with young kids!
Wow - Hats off to them.
How do they manage?

Nearly fall asleep whilst catching up with my boss!
Have to apologise.
How embarrassing.

Odds of making that Kylie butt class - Slim to Zero.

Switch to lemon and ginger tea.
Gives me a second wind.

Ready for Kylie.

My arse is killing me!
Must be proof I have muscles in my derriere.
Based on the amount of pain I am currently suffering, I'll have Kylie Minogue's bum in a week or too
Uhmmm, should I think about buying those gold shorts now or perhaps later?

Head home
Stop off to buy emergency kit for stretch marks.
Finally worked out, that I do not have cellulite but suffer from stretch marks.
Damn that teenage growth spurt.
I should have realised, I mean have you ever heard of a 16 year old with cellulite?

End up at Body Shop
Buy a chocolate exfoliator - Actually smells just like chocolate
Apparently it's meant to encourage L'Amour....I won't hold my breath.

Buy bio-oil from Boots

Home now.
Cook pasta.

Eye lids are so ready to shut up shop for the day.
Hope I manage to sleep tonight.

Look back on the day.
Wasn't so bad.
Perhaps in the immortal words of Gloria Gaynor "I will survive".

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