Sunday, 8 July 2012

Day 5: Bottomless Pit Continues Some More

I really need some sleep.
I am so tired.
Am sure I must look like a psycho.
Thank goodness for make up and cover up (still don't think even cover-up can hide the dark circles under my eyes)


I really don't know where my future is going.

It seems so alone and strange.

Prince Charming was the one.
Really thought we would be growing old together.

Back from work.

Am now officially obsessed by the Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorce.
Think I have managed to read all known articles written about the divorce as well as scientology.
I am officially a FREAK.
This can't be normal. Can it?

From one obsession to another: Hercule Poirot.
I've noticed similar plots across different stories.
Gosh is this what people do when they are by themselves?

Oh no, is this my life?
Watching dvds, reading crap, cuddling a toy at night?
Really is this it?

Off to bed.
Really need to hit the bottom of this pit soon.
Need to get all the angst out and reflect before I can move on.
Still haven't cried or shed a tear.
I am obviously abnormal!

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