Sunday, 8 July 2012

Day 2: The Day After

Have the worst night's sleep.
Grab Shrekkie (cuddly toy) to cuddle and hold.

The bed is way too big.
I stick to my side of the bed (right-hand side) as usual. Prince Charming has the other side of the bed.
I do try and sleep in the middle and stretch myself out but it is of no use, as I kept gravitating to the right-hand side again.
King size bed is not a good idea.

Get up.
Look like crap. Glasses on and wearing one of Prince Charming's old t-shirts. What's going on here?

Notice Prince Charming had left his iPad. Bit of a surprise given he can't last a day without it.
Leave him a text, and survey the flat.
Gosh this is a big flat.
Way too big for one person.

Funny how I used to think the flat was just perfect for one person before Prince Charming moved in.
Then thought the flat was too small when we were in her together.
Now, I survey "my castle" it feels empty, cold even.
Doesn't feel like home.
Just a shell.

So much for the swanky posh furniture.
What's the point if you don't have someone to share it with you.

Uhmmmmmmm if I never had met Prince Charming I would have thought it was normal to be by myself at "home".

Prince Charming turns up.
We chat.
He looks hot, and I look like a cretin (and smell even worse).

We chat then bid au dieu.
Okay I need to do some cleaning me thinks that will keep me busy.

End up festering in bed watching dvd after dvd after dvd.....
Festering in self-pity, and sorrow.
What a mess. So much for Girl Power.

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