Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Day 12: A Case Of Withering Heights & Jane Eyre

Yes, I am still sleeping terribly (manage 3 hours).
The text from Prince Charming must have been playing on my mind.
Understand now why you need to have ZERO CONTACTwith exes
Or until one of you is dating

Looks as though I will need to bring in the Reinforcements
Contact my Friend S, the natropath.
I am hoping she can mix me up a great sleeping potion 
or alternatively suggest some exercises that I can do.

We discuss the 50 Shades of Naffness (AKA Grey) at work again.
I share the following review with a friend.
Scroll down to the review by Jelly 1960 
50 Shades of Grey Book Review - Hilarious Read
She nearly falls off her chair laughing.

We then go on to discuss

  • Withering Heights and 
  • Jane Eyre

I can't believe we discuss these literary classics in the same breath as 50 Shades!

Very timely.
The old romantic in me.
Finding these books, Again.
Am I looking for hope or am I disillusioned with the whole LOVE thing?

End up buying both books for only £2.50 each
from Waterstones.

Also buy Jane Eyre dvd You Tube Clip
which stars Mia Wasikowska and Dame Judy Dench.
Will arrive tomorrow.
Can't wait.

Another gym class.
This time pilates.
I must be the only person in the entire UNIVERSE
Who manages to sweat during pilates,

Either that
Or it must be the alcohol seeping out of my pores.

Is it too early to say if I am getting into the gym habit?

Leave work early.
Plan for this evening:

  • Start Jane Eyre
  • Skype Friend S for advice on sleeping (if I can work out how to)
  • TLC

A thought crosses my mind, perhaps I can start drawing again?
(Sorry if this entry is mumbo jumbo, I am literally falling asleep whilst I write this.....)

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