Wednesday, 20 June 2012

House Keeping & An Inspiring Website

House Keeping
The reason for this blog is to map Milly's journey from accountant to adventurer to children's author.
Milly realised that there is no place for negative posts on this blog. 
The purpose of the blog is to encourage other people to follow their dreams, and to not be frightened to try.
So, in keeping with the spirit of the blog, Milly has deleted the "Don't make yourself vulnerable" and "Over reaction" blogs (Milly would like to thank Anon for their comment, and she hopes you will understand why she has deleted these blogs)

As Big G pointed out to Milly, an outcome is driven by
The thing which we all can control is our REACTION - Forget the rest

And why let someone else control how you feel? Don't.

Thank goodness for good friends and common sense!!!!

Inspiring Website
Milly has found the most wonderful website.
It's a website which encourages people to perform acts of kindness - whether it is someone you know or a perfect stranger! Here's the link.
Milly has been reading the stories, and the amazing things people have been doing.
Milly has found the whole experience truly inspiring so much so that she is on a multitude of happy clouds at the moment!

Just think, if everyone in the world performed only one kind act each day, what a wonderful world this would be!
Cue Louis Armstrong - It's a Wonderful Life

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