Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Battle Of The Sunnies

Today is a special day because

"The sun has got his hat on
Hip Hip Hip Hooray
The sun has got his hat on 
And he's coming out to play"
By Ambrose & His Orchestra)

It's actually sunny in London!!!!
I know isn't wonderful, and such a rare occurrence (as rare as the Queen's Jubilee me thinks!)

So in honour of this monumental event, drum roll please.....
Milly will be wearing her sunglasses.
Now all Milly needs to decide on, is which pair of sunglasses she wears.

Leopard print top,
Uber cool wedges,
Topped off with stud handbag,
(Milly is in her gorilla phase, and so has to wait for another 2 weeks before visiting Madame Wax!)

After a long hard think, Milly has decided to work the rock chick look, and has gone for the Diesels.

Some people would say that Milly is being so SUPERFICIAL today!
But we all that it's official, Milly is super (the author's attempt at a play on words))

And we all know that sunnies are an important weapon against those dastardly UV rays.

So don't forget your sunnies, as well as your sun screen!

Out of interest Milly, a pair of Tom Fords and Diesel sunnies don't really sound very cheap.
What about the budget?
Milly's answer to everything....

So if you are looking for a pair of designer sunnies, a couple of rules for you:

#Lesson 1: Remember you don't need to pay designer prices to look good
    • Why not try Top Shop 
    • Real cool sunnies which are a fraction of the cost of Milly's Tom Ford's or Diesels  stylebox_topshop_sunglasses
    • Just make sure they have the correct level of UV protection
    • If buying aviators watch out for metal frames
#Lesson 2: If you really want a designer pair
    • Duty free
    • Buying in winter time (out of season)
    • Shops have special offers on e.g. special sale days
    • Look on line for e.g Milly found this website designer-sunglasses

Bye Bye for now!

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