Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Top Tips for Beating The Blues

In our last post, Milly was struggling to shake the blues.

But is managing to get her mojo back, so why not try out Milly's top tip for beating those blues:

#1: Cuddles & Kisses
Milly has grabbed lots of cuddles from both Prince Charming and Shrekkie.
So if you're feeling blue, why not cuddle your very own special someone.
Go on have a cuddle!

Milly & Shrekkie

#2: Friends
Milly's friends have been fantastic with their words of encouragement.
Lots of chats and messages later, Milly knows that she is very lucky to have such good friends.

#3: That Kodak moment
Holiday & Happy Cloud photos are a great way for getting one's mojo back.
Milly looked back on her photos from Kilimanjaro, and her trip to Vegas with Flick and SMILED.

#4: Pamper time
Milly's had a facial.
I know what about the budget?

But as Milly has come to realise, there are some things which are too important.
So, go on pamper yourself!

#5: (Virtual) Window Shopping
Milly has been looking online at all the clothes she will buy when she makes oodles of money or if that fails her back up plan is to make lovely clothes for herself.

#6: Children's TV
Milly has been watching the children's BBC channel - CBeeBies.
She loves Arthur the cartoon, and has become a fan of the Cloud Babies - It's also great research for her storybooks!
Cloud Babies & The Mystery_Noise

#7: X Factor Moment
Milly has been singing her heart out.
She's been singing her favourite songs:

Happiness by Alex Jordan - Her holiday song with her friends

LaLaLa Banana....
Tra La La - Banana Splits
I am the one and only by Chesney Hawks - It's all about the cheese baby!

#8: Exercise
Milly has missed running, and has found a little class of bikram yoga has done the trick.
She is also planning to go for a run tomorrow (she just won't tell Mr Physio!)

#9: Sudoku
Milly is a bit of a nerd.
She loves Sudoku.

Need I saw more? Starting with girls night this Saturday.

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