Saturday, 26 May 2012

Warning - Hazard Ahead

Milly has an embarrassing story to confess to you all, and wants you to learn from her mistakes.
So this is a warning to all of you girls and and learn.

Although Milly

  • Drinks lots of H20
  • Exercises
  • Has lots of protein 
  • Eats Complex carbs
  • Takes her multivitamins (and fish oil supplements)

Milly does love her
Can't resist a bar or two of Cadbury's fruit and nut

And there's nothing wrong with that - I mean we all do it, don't we girls and boys?!
It's especially the case when

Feeling vulnerable at work, and things aren't going your way

Following a row with Prince Charming

Have been feeling Blue

I mean it's so great at the time, the ultimate dream....Death By Chocolate!
Well, Milly forgot the golden rule.
Golden rule states:

PLUS Don't forget the fruit & veg....

BUT Milly being Milly forgot the golden rules.
She shuffled so much naughty stuff down into her belly, and didn't bother with her fruit and veg.

Can you guess what happened?
Milly has now been left with a a 6 week old food baby.
In fact, if you were to view her side profile you would congratulate her on the imminent birth of her twins!

And to top it all off, her very bad diet has given her a very bad case of constipation.
That's right she can't poop for want of trying!

Now one visit to the doctor later, Milly has to drink this very icky drink twice a day for the next 2 weeks!

So this warning to you all

Don't forget your 5 a day 
But do forget those treats!

The alternative is messy 
No pooping for many weeks!

Icky icky medicine,

Yikes can you really bare?!
Hairy Beary, Mary Scary let's just not go there

Until next time

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