Monday, 21 May 2012

For Your Eyes Only - The Worst Book In The World

Milly has had time to reflect over her masterpiece aka The Adventures of Milly & Her Magical Shoes.

The story was so poop that all Milly was doing was jumping around from cloud to cloud, aimlessly with no rhyme or reason.
Did I mention in her first draft she decided to mention she was wearing gloves so that she didn't burn her hands when touching the stars?!
And she wants to be a children's author?!!!!!!

But as Milly wants to share her experiences with you......
For your eyes only, may I present The Book - The Adventures of Milly & Her Magical Shoes (covered by copyright 2012. M. Dey All rights reserved.....makes it sound more professional doesn't it?)

Meet Milly

This is Milly.
Milly has long blue hair, rosy red lips, and sparkly white eyes.
When Milly is happy her eyes glow.
And when Milly is really happy she glows all over.
Can you tell if Milly is happy or very happy?

Milly's Home - The Pink Cloud

Would you like to know where Milly lives?
Can you guess?
Well, Milly doesn't live in a house like you or me.
Milly loves way up in the sky on a magical pink cloud.
Milly lives with her mummy, daddy, baby brother Milo, and her pet dog Widget. Milly would like to know who you live?

Milly's Favourite Things

Would you like to know what Milly's favourite things are in the entire world?
Milly will give you three guesses.
Give up?
Well okay then, Milly's favourite things in the whole world are her magical shoes.

Milly's Bouncing Shoes

Would you like to know why Milly's shoes are magical?
Well, Milly's magical shoes let her bounce from cloud to cloud.
With her magical shoes, Milly can bounce anywhere in the world.
What do you think of that?

Milly's Stars

Milly can bounce to the highest cloud, from where she can touch the stars at night.
Did you know that stars are covered in fairy dust, and lots and lots of magical sparkle?
That's why you can see them from a zillion miles away.
Milly wants to know what you think about that?

Milly And The Mouse

Milly can bounce to the moon, and visit the mouse who lives there.
The mouse on the moon always looks forward to Milly's visits.
He chats and chats for hours with Milly, whilst eating lots of cheese.
Milly wants to know if you can guess what the mouse's favourite food is?

Milly's Astronauts

Milly can bounce into space, and wave hello to the astronauts.
Look, can you see the martians on the spaceship?
Do you think the astronauts can see them?

Milly & Paw Paw The Panda

Milly can bounce across the clouds to China to visit Paw Paw the panda.
Paw Paw loves it when Milly comes to visit.
Why do you think that is?
Well, Milly always brings Paw Paw lots of chocolate leaves. Chocolate leaves are so yummy but Paw Paw needs to make sure that she brushes her teeth afterwards.

Milly Flies With The Birds

Milly can follow the birds as they fly from the winter cold in search of the sun.
Do you think the birds can see Milly following them?

Milly Visits The Penguins

Milly can bounce to the South Pole to visit the penguins.
How Milly loves to sing and dance when she visits the penguins.
Milly would like to know if you like to sing and dance.
What's your favourite song?

Milly Visits Father Christmas

Milly can even bounce to the North Pole where she visits Father Christmas.
Oh how Milly loves to visit him.
Every time she visits Father Christmas, he bakes her a humongous chocolate cake!
Yummy yum.
Milly would like to know what you can bake?

Milly's Tricks
With her magical shoes Milly also do lots of tricks such as....
roll forwards and backwards in mid air!
Oh how Milly loves to do tricks for her friends.
Milly would like to know what tricks you can do?

Milly Races The Wind
With her magical shoes Milly  can even run faster than the wind.
Milly is so sweet, she usually gives the wind  a head start when they race. 
But guess what? The wind still loses!
He He...Isn't that funny?
Milly would like to know how fast you can run?

Milly Returns Home
Best of all, after a long hard day of bouncing around, Milly's magical shoes take her home.
Snug as a bug, Milly tells her mummy, daddy, little brother Milo, and Widget the dog all about her adventures.
Milly would like to know, who do you talk to about your adventures?

Milly Dreams

And then finally, Milly takes her magical shoes and goes to bed for a well deserved rest.
Milly dreams of all the places she has yet to visit with her magical shoes.
Sweet dreams Milly.
Until next time!


  1. I wouldn't say it's the worst book in the world, maybe top 10, hehe. Keep at it Milly! Remember if you believe it will happen! :) Ruby x

  2. I know, Milly's managed to get into the Top 10 at something! Well, that is worth celebrating isn't it?!
    I wonder if there is the equivalent of the Raspberries for books?