Sunday, 13 May 2012

Milly Sings the Blues................

Milly's struggling at the moment.

The big blue cloud has been stalking Milly over the past couple of weeks, and she's been finding it difficult to shake the blues away.

  • She's been in her pjs all weekend
  • Watched very bad tv
  • Done her best impression of Bridget Jones and the "All by myself" scene!

Everything was going so well...
  • Budget was on track
  • Although still not running, she had caught up on her hot yoga challenge (and had completed 21 lots of yoga in 21 days)
  • Priorities had been worked - Focus on writing and drawing book by end of May
  • Milly had even managed to do her chores!

But Milly had noticed, that increasingly she was finding it more of a challenge to motivate herself.
A cloud had been building up, and blocking her happy mood of late.

This week was the final straw for Milly.

Milly had managed to draft a book called: Milly and Her Magical Shoes.
Although she was thankful to receive constructive feedback from her family...
After pouring her heart and soul into her first book, she is wiped out.
Her book wasn't very good.
And now, it's dawned on Milly that maybe she won't able to write a good children's book, 
And if not then......
Perhaps she will

So Milly is feeling really down in the dumps.
She's bought herself lots of sweets, crisps, and pop, and plenty of bad magazines
whilst she festers in her blue mood.

All she now needs to do is to start singing the blues!


  1. I was thinking about your book - to me your style is really funny and whitty, and almost feels like self help kind of style. I had a brain wave the other week that maybe you should do a series of children's motivational self help books for girls between 10 and 13/14 through the medium of Milly. What do you think?

    Milly's how to become an 'x', how to make friends, etc

  2. Wow that's a great brain wave.Do you really think so? Definitely worth looking into. Thanks for the magical brain wave. Xxx

  3. We've all been there Milly, cheer up. The silver lining is just around the corner x

  4. Aw thanks for the lovely words. Just finished another pack of Haribo, so sugar hit is working! Milly x