Friday, 1 June 2012

The Case of The Multiplying Food Babies

Have you ever seen Gremlins the movie?
You know the one about the uber cute furry animals, who if you get them wet they multiply into horrible ugly critters?

Well Milly's finding her food babies are doing just that - They are multiplying!

When Milly was out for dinner, after her yummy indian, she really did look as if she was 5 months pregnant.
In fact at one point, Milly was going to admit to being pregnant so that she could walk home without having to try and suck in her belly.
Have you ever tried to walk with your belly sucked in for more than 10 minutes?! It's hard work!!!

Today was no better, she nearly got her dress stuck over her head. Prince Charming wasn't even around to help her put it on.

To cap it all off, Milly keeps ponging in bed which is doing untold damage to the ozone layer.

Chain Reaction - Impact of Pong to Environment

Poor Prince Charming, so much for romance!

So tomorrow Milly will:

  • Go to the gym and run on that treadmill
  • Plan her exercise routine for the next month


For all you lovely readers, Milly will be away on holiday for the next couple of days.
Milly is off to see her mum - So no doubt lots of eating as is the case at mum's house.
So have a fabulous weekend, and chat soon.

PS Message to The Queen - Have a fabuloso Jubilee Maam!

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