Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Positive Vibes - Please God!

So, today was the day when Milly was meant to get back on track with her Quests.

Asked Flick The Dragonfly and Lou The Ladybird

Quest Task: Get Fit 
Running was a non-starter
Milly had tried to go for a run, and could barely manage 5 minutes!
Her leg was so painful that she nearly started to weep
With the London Marathon less than a month away she is getting slightly worried....

More worrying is that she can feel those newly acquired muscles slowly fading away! 

So please dear friends, send some positive love,
and sparkles to Milly.
Let's hope she recovers from her leg injury soon!

Swimming was non-eventful too!
Milly was too busy at WORK...
Swimming lesson is tomorrow and she hasn't practiced since last week!

Will she be able to swim front call by next weekend? Who knows?
Did I mention, Milly has booked a a coastal traversing activity for next weekend - She needs to be able to swim up river for at least 25 metres!!!!  
Let's hope they don't mind if she brings her floater along or then again, perhaps she can use a life jacket?!

Quest Task: Learn to Draw & Write
Milly has so much to share with you but there aren't enough hours in the day!
If only she could skip sleep BUT she loves and needs her .....

So, on the drawing and writing front, she has:
    • Thought of a new character on her way to work
    • Finished editing her journal from her climbing trip
    • Written a little poem today - perhaps she will share with you one day!
    • Received great feedback on her blog from Lou The Ladybird

Quest Task: Learn to Sew
She managed to doodle some designs tonight.
Inspired by the pink lilies (well she thinks they are) Prince Charming bought her, she has created a:
  • Dress
  • Hat & 
  • Cape 

That fashion design course taught her a trick or too it seems!
Once she has worked out how to scan her pics she will share with you.

Quest Task: Learn to Budget

As Milly mentioned last week she wrote up her budget.
She made this really pretty spread sheet which explains how much she has at any point in time
The trouble is that Milly has already blown her budget AND she only got paid last Friday!
What a disaster. 
Milly just doesn't like to budget!
She likes the idea of budgeting but she finds the reality of doing it much more difficult, and she would much rather hide behind a spread sheet!
But at least her spread sheet is pretty! I think we should put this Quest on hold for now...............or forever!

Quest Task: Have Fun
  • Plan for the weekend: 
    • Enjoy the sunshine with a cool Pimms & Lemonade!

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