Friday, 23 March 2012

Today's List of Cool & Fun Things

So, as Milly explained in her last post, to keep all the negative thoughts out she is going to keep a record of 
  • All the cool things that she has done 
  • All the nice things that happened to her 

Quest Task: Learn to Draw & Write
  • Blog posting done
    • Cool comments received from friends
    • New characters added
      • Lou The Lady Bird Gigi The Snail 

Quest Task: Get Fit 
  • Brill swimming lesson 
    • Confidence regained after Tuesday's panic attack (Milly thought she was about to drown, despite the pool being only 1.2 metres deep!)
  • Left leg  on the mend
    • Only one more week of shuffling to go
  • Went to Pilates
    • Cool pilates teacher gave me fab tips for sorting out my hips and legs

Quest Task: Learn to Sew
  • Courses booked
    • Booked pattern cutting and garment construction courses start in April

Quest Task: Learn to Budget
  • Budget for the month done
    • Fingers crossed I stick to it
    • Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - I have money

    Quest Task: Have Fun
    • Printed boarding passes by myself
      • Although checked myself and Prince Charming in 4 times on the BA flight!
    • First Easter Egg devoured
      • I love Easter

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