Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Stepping Stones - New Pages To Be Published

Hi Milly where have you been?
You've been quiet.
What happened to the long run on Sunday and the Fashion Design course?

Well, Milly has been doing some thinking since her last post.....

Milly giggled to herself, no one could possibly think that I suddenly woke up one day, and magically:

  • Was fit, and able to run 10 miles off the bat
  • Knew how to go about making clothes
  • Knew how to draw, write, let alone set up a BLOG
  • How to budget?- Okay I am an accountant

IF ONLY it were that simple! 

In fact, Milly found getting started was the biggest challenge for her because

  • Where 
  • How do you start?

She had to

  • Do lots of research
  • Plan
  • Try lots of different things  

Before she finally worked out what suited her.

So over the next couple of weeks, watch out for the pages on each of the quests explaining how Milly got started. Once you know how to, you can too!

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