Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Day 47: How To Get Over A Broken Heart - Tip #29 - Stairway To Heaven

The Patient & Symptom

Remedy: Stairway To Heaven

Took my really good friend to a bar which is on a roof terrace.
On our way down in the lift, we were asked if we wanted to go to the ground floor or HEAVEN!

Being the girls we are, we thought they were talking about the club in Charing Cross!
We didn't click it was a chat up line (he he he)!
The guys were embarrassed and professed to be married - Egg on their faces!

Cue Eric Clapton & Tears In Heave (Love this song and could have chosen Stairway to Heaven as well)(click below)
You Tube_Tears In Heaven_Eric Clapton

Result: Priceless

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